Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slow goes it!

Well, the kitchen porch is getting torn apart for demolition. It has a nearly flat tar paper roof, a bad case of the rot, and smells like an army boot. It really isn't worth saving. There may be a few good pieces of lumber in it, but that's it. The city gave me permission to tear it off and put on a new one, and it is going to have the basement entry at ground level.

The old porch was sort of a temporary deal eighty years ago, so I don't feel too bad about the whole thing.

Also, Mammie's landlord gave me the old wood storm door from her house, so I put it on my dining room door. It has the glass insert too, and is in pretty good shape, since she had a porch on the front of her house.

My uncle Greg and aunt Bri gave me a china hutch that was my great-grandparents', and it came from the farm in Pomeroy. It is in the dining room, and will go on the north wall once I get my smaller sideboard in and Earl's old one out.
Just to see what it would turn up like, I cleaned up the hallway door. The wood looks pretty nice. I replaced all of the doorknobs with porcelain, because the metal ones were oval and the dog could open them with his mouth.


Taratude said...

I am SO jealous of your hutch! I can't find something so simple yet elegant in my neck of the woods! Love your "new" dining room door as well!

Neighmond said...

Funny, that! I have one I bought when I lived on the farm, and now this one! Never rains but what it pours, so I put this one in the dining room and the other one will be in the parlor for player piano rolls.