Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I ain't dead, I swear!

Since it seems that houseblogs is no more, I find I have not kept up on the blogs I used to follow. Since I can't easily keep up on anyone else's, I don't post on mine as much. Ugh! I sort of notice a few others are the same. If you want to, I found a place at http://www.homeownerslike.us/. I am pretty sure www.brooklynrowhouse.com has some part in it, I have actually belonged forever but forgot about it till houseblogs went down. If you like it, can you spread the word? I have no vested interest except reading about house projects. Also, can someone tell me if a site like thhe old houseblogs site is around someplace?




Ashley said...

Try www.houseblogging.com!

Unknown said...

If you use an RSS reader, I've created a google bundle of 120-something houseblogs that I follow which you can add to your google reader in one click. If you're interested, you can find the link on the "House Blogs" tab at my own house blog http://WeekendRenovators.com

Neighmond said...

Thank goth of you! I'll have to look ito these.

Jayne said...

I follow Blue Door Blogs on Twitter, and they're kinda like the old houseblogs site.


Ashley mentioned houseblogging.com, and I follow them on Twitter too.