Thursday, February 19, 2009

See, Saw, Swine!

The front bedroom has been a pain in the neck for a while-the sub floor has some dry rot in it and it needs to be removed. One of the problems was how to cut the floor boards without totally destroying them-so I can relay the floor. I finally got tired of dinking with it the other day and pulled the mopboards off. I was pretty proud of myself-I only broke the quarter round and I kept the pieces-the mopboard and top trim came off pretty well.

With them out of the way, a skill saw will get close enough to the walls to cut a decent line and I can cover the cut with quarter round when I relay the floor. I had to take the closet out, but the beadboard camne out with no real damage, so I can reuse it. I am thinking of putting the closet on the wall backing with the living room.

Worked real good untill I hit a buried nail and did the sawblade in. Oh well....

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