Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The worst is over.

I haven't posted lately, because there hasn't been much progress. I have been at my mother's a lot lately, because she has been coping with cancer. She was diagnosed last summer, and wasn't given much time, but we were blessed to have her with us through the winter, and even into this summer. She took a sudden turn towards the worst on July eighth, and my aunts and brothers came up, and hospice came and set up so she could stay at home, where she died on the 17th. It's sad for my brothers and I, yet I am glad she was only bedridden for the last twelve days of her life. I'm glad she didn't linger in pain, and the journey was easy-she worked hard all her life, raised four of us almost alone, and deserved better than she got.

Ma, we'll miss you!

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