Friday, May 13, 2011

3rd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour

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Thanks to Stucco House, the tour commences! Well, it's that time again! A lot has happened, some big, and some not so big.

I still miss my hound. I haven't gotten another dog-I may not, it's too soon to tell. The new one'll have some big paw prints to fill if I do. I am thinking I'll look into a rescue shelter dog. Probably another long-snouted hound. Why change a known ticket, eh?

Before any dogs, though, the yard has to be fenced in and the house gotten a little farther than I have it now. For the time being, I'll just borrow the neighbors' dogs when one needs petting or such.

I came across a little wooden grainery that is going to be the clock shop eventually. It takes forteen by sixteen feet, and has plenty of room for a loft up above for keeping junk that may actually get used in repairs. Building Savers in Emmetsburg brought it up by truck, and set it on the blocks, and now the rest is up to me. It needed a roof as it was, and will need siding help too. I bought steel for the roof before this latest asininity with fuel prices, so I didn't get clipped too hard on that. The rest of the lumber is second-hand going into its revitalization. This is in keeping with my no debt-no waste policy of living here.

The plan it to leave it twenty four inches off the ground, so I can use the space under it for ladders and that. There are to be lean-to's on each side, one for the mower and that, and the other for odds and ends that aren't going to be inside. The siding on it now it pretty well had it. My cousin had a storm hit his farm, and the insurance company made him replace all the tin on the barn, so he gave me the old, which was still good. There's my siding! My dad has friends that always want wood gone from their place. There's the framing and that! Three old storm doors from the trash? There the walls for the lean to. Got the windows and everything already in!

Ever wish you could pick your neighbors? Well, I got to! Here's how it happened: My little red shed is slated to become the clock shop as soon as the roof and windows are made sound. I hired a friend to come tin the roof, and he liked the house north of me. It was empty, and frankly I had little hope of it ever being lived in again, but he and his wife bought it! Let me tell you, I lucked out in this neighborhood!

Grannie's cupboard turns out to be ideal for pianola rolls, along with a few other parlor-y odds and ends. Some son of a snake weaseled me out of the colonnades I had lined up, so I get to find another set. Oh, well. Sucks to be him. I got to get on the stick and get the pianola or the organ working now. Either one will play rolls, and wither one would be nice to have when I want to play something. It doesn't look like there are that many rolls, but the whole bottom is full too, and there are a whole pile of the things.

The old clock from my first shop wound up over the ice box in the kitchen. I can see the thing from a mile off, and it doesn't make any noise on the hours. In a fit of creative zeal, I reverse painted that lower glass. The cat frightens little children.

See my pretty new plumbing, replacing all of the old galvanized? I was so tired of that old mess I got a mad on one day and tore out the whole pile and we ran new lines. We sold all the old en masse to a local scrap dealer, who was more than happy to make it dissapear, and from there it is has passed into dim memory. I am so happy I could grow a tail to wag it! Now onto the shower ring!

Here is another, showing the old in the background and new in the foreground. Dispite the putrid-looking ducts the furnace is new.

Here's the back bedroom, where my den is at. See how nice and settled in it is? Note the peeling paper and scrody looking walls! Settled in. is good, here on the bungaloo route.

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StuccoHouse said...

That little wood grainery is adorable. I'm so glad you saved it. Do you restore old clocks or build new ones? Thanks for joining the Tour again this year!

Omar said...

Awesome shed and the cheshire cat clock? Come on! I want one..

BlackDog's Photographer said...

Good to see you do the tour again this year. It will be fun to see the progress.