Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making Lemonade!

So the inside door between the house and the porch is the original one, beveled window and all. The only thing I changed was putting porcelain knobs on to keep the long-snouted hound from opening it with his big mouth, which he could do with the old metal knobs. The wood screen door was salvaged from my grandma's old place. My cousin gave it to me when it became obvious he wasn't going to use it.

The door that goes from the porch outside is the original storm door off the house, from the days before the porch was enclosed.
Even though that door is trimmed off funny, manky looking and that, I want to keep it, warts and all. And it has good bones. It also had the original wavy glass.
Had. I took the thing off last week to heat gun paint off, to either stain or repaint it, and was coming along just fine. Then I hear a "whapp" and feel a sting, and come to find out I put my fat elbow clear through the window. (*&^%$!

Enter Lee Beem, from the Glass Shop, in Emmetsburg. He could have cut me a piece of regular glass for not much money, but nooooo. I have to cause trouble all up and down the line. I stopped in down there and he had a chunk of blue stained glass pretty close to the right size. It was still under ten dollars.
The pattern is Florentine, which has been around for a long time. Here it is, in all of its teal glory, enough to make the woman across the corner's head explode. see clear from the street.

In slightly-related vein, I have an acquaintance who doesn't knock, but barges in and once in bellows out "knock-knock!" at the top of his voice. Well, he will get corrected right quick. You see, I took the door knobs off  to work on the door, and leaving them off will fix his little red wagon!

Soon as the heat lets up I'll finish heat gunning the door and decide if I ought to paint or stain it.


Sharon Kwilter said...

Wow, seems like lots of people are stripping paint this summer. Hope it goes well. Stripping paint is never fun, but it's usually worth the effort.

Jayne said...

That blue glass is gorgeous! Good luck with stripping paint. You say "when the heat lets up" like there's some hope of that happening soon....

NV said...

Hi! First-timer here (thanks to Jayne's blog. Just wanted to say that glass shot created a memory of my childhood home. Had that glass in the lower pane of the bathroom window! (It was a window that had three sections on top with the full square pane below.)

Neighmond said...

Funny you say that, I just called Lee yesterday and asked him to order me a clear piece big enough to fit in the bottom sash in the bathroom!